Newly Rotary Evaporators


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Continuously distill the large amount of volatile solvents under the decompression conditions, separate and purify the reaction products.
  • SM-RV-211M/SM-RV-211A/SM-RV-210M /SM-RV-210A

  • Sanwood

Product Description

Product features:

Humanized design:

● Manual/Automatic lifting, easy operation, stable.

● LCD screen, data display, menu operation interface, knob switch, easy observation and operation; PID controller, convenient rotary speed and temperature setting.

● Specific diagonal double-layer sinuous coil design, the cooling area is up to 0.15; the maximum  evaporability is up to 22ml/min; Ensure the high efficiency recycling.

● High efficiency double-layer condenser, prevent the evaporative liquid from backflows; the position of condenser is adjustable.

● Professional sealing design of high elasticity PTFE material, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

● Water/oil bath dual warm-up system, dry burning-resistant protection.

Security function:

● Security design, dry burning-resistant protection.

● Independent temperature warning system; Automatically stop when over-temperature happen.

● High efficiency double-layer condenser, prevent the evaporative liquid from backflows;

●  Internal compressor protection function;

●  App remote control on mobile phone, temperature setting/ view and alarm record.(Optional)

Technical parameters:

ModelUniversal typeProfessional type
SM-RV-211MSM-RV-211ASM-RV-210M SM-RV-210A
Rotational speed20-180rpm
Temperature control rangeRT+5~180℃
Speed SettingKnob switch setting + LCD display
Lifting waysManualAutomaticManualAutomatic
Electric lifting functionNoneBrushless DC Motor NoneBrushless DC Motor
Main motorBrushless DC Motor
CondenserSinuous coil cooling area is 0.15㎡/1L rotating bottle/ 1L collection bottle/ TS29(38) bottle gripper
Vacuum sealing ringPTFE + teflon coating
Water bath materialStainless steel corrosion-resistance coating
Heating power1000W
Environment temperature5~35℃
Inner dimensionφ×H (mm)φ230×130
Input power220V 50/60HZ

ModelLifting waysGlass suitConstant temperature bath
AutomaticManualDomestic materialImported materialInternal heatingExternal heating
Universal typeSM-RV-211A---
Professional typeSM-RV-210A---

Summary of product:

Professional rotary evaporators series standard with imported  glass suit.

Universal rotary evaporators series standard with domestic  glass suit.

Constant temperature bath(water/oil dual purpose)

Universal rotary evaporators standard with internal heating bath;

Professional rotary evaporators standard with external heating bath;   Easy cleaning.




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