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The environmental test box is applied to the AEC-Q100 test standard for automotive electronic components testing. Automotive electronic components are divided into three categories, including IC, discrete semiconductors, and passive components. In order to ensure that these automotive electronic com



[News] SANWOOD temperature humidity test chambers meets the IEC 60068-2 test standard
IEC (International Electrotechnical Association) is the earliest non-governmental international electrotechnical standardization organization established in the world. It formulates relevant test specifications and test methods for electronic products used in people's livelihood, such as: motherboar



[News] China International Optoelectronic Exhibition
The 23rd CIOE ( China International Optoelectronic Exhibition) is held from 16 to 18 September at Shenzhen International Exhibition Center, Sanwood will show some newly developed products such as EMMC rapid temperature change stress test chamber, RDT aging test cabinet, SSD intelligent test system,



[News] Solar Panel Test Chambers
SANWOOD's physical structure walk-in equipment is suitable for testing photovoltaic modules with a large number of loads, where throughput is very important. The test capacity is nearly 2,000 kg. The sealed weld seam and the stainless steel interior ensure integrity under the extreme conditions requ



[News] Battery High Low Temperature Test Chamber-new model
Battery high low temperature test chamber is designed to test all types of batteries, including lithium-ion batteries. The battery test chamber has many safety functions built into the test chamber, which can handle battery tests and prevent safety accidents.Charge/discharge cycle testing, which det



[News] Sea Water Immersion Test Machine for EV Battery Test
The sea water immersion test machine is mainly used for seawater immersion test with temperature shock for EV power battery, and the quality and reliability test of products, parts and materials under simulated seawater immersion conditions. Air ice water shock test of lithium-ion batteries for ele



[News] Rapid temperature change test chamber can simulate the 120℃ temperature difference of Shenzhou 12 spacecraft
On June 17, the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft was successfully launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. The surface temperature of the cabin body of the Shenzhou 12 manned spacecraft facing the sun will reach 90°C, while the surface of the cabin body facing the sun will reach 90°C. The tempe



[News] Climatic chamber with 4 Independent working room
Sanwood 100% customized climatic chamber with 4 Independent working room at front and back side for LED display temperature and humidity test simulation test.The chamber technical parameter attached as below:1. Four(4) Independent working room at front and back side.2. Each room inner size W*H*D 1m*



[News] Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber of SANWOOD
Salt Spray Test Chamber



[News] Shock-absorbing tray vacuum packaging design
As a leader in the environmental test chamber industry and an innovative problem solver, SANWOOD has designed new pallets and vacuum packaging to ensure more reliable delivery of the environmental test chamber, and reduce vibration during transportation and sea water during shipping. Corrosion damag
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