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Yesterday, on 24th April, SANWOOD shipped a batch of High Temperature Chamber to our client again.



[News] Vision Measuring System

Equipment discription:This imaging measuring instrument applies to the second coordinate measurement for the purpose of all applications, machinery, electronics, instrumentation, plastics and other industries widely used.Main function:element measurements: multi-point measurement point, line, circle



[News] Grain Rain

In China, the lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. The solar terms were created thousands of years ago to guide agricultural production and function even now. The 6th solar term of the year is Grain Rain (Chinese: Gu Yu), which starts on April 20 and ends on May 5 in 2015. The Grain



[News] Advantages of Video Measuring Systems for Injection Molding

Since 2008, video measuring machines have been in broad use by manufacturers around the world. The first video measuring systems were developed in the US for dimensional measurement applications within manufacturing quality control. Injection molding video measuring technology has evolved in parall



[News] New design -- Huge-type temperature and humidity chamber with chiller

Main Spare Parts:·Compressor (Single or multiple) Japan Sanyo scroll brand ,USA Copeland scroll brand , Germany Bitzer or Taiwan Hanbell brand semi-hermetic screw compressor·Electric Schneider electric·Condenser Japan Kobe high efficiency external spiral steel tube ,high effec



[News] Service of SANWOOD

SANWOOD is a direct factory which has specialized in the field of manufacturing environmental test chambers for 21 years. Handing both the import and export of various Test Chambers., we also own after-sales service team and all members are good at English and most of them have worked in this industry for many years. They are experienced in technical problems solving.



[News] Ozone Test Chamber

Ozone test chamber produces high concentrations of ozone from ozone generators, can be used for non-metallic materials, and organic materials (coatings, rubber, plastics, paints, pigments, wood, etc.) are subject to aging tests under ozone conditions.



[News] What is the difference between 2D and 2.5D vision measuring

2D vison measuring machine: The 1D and 2D vison measuring instrument (also known as image-type plotter) is based on the CCD digital imagery, and is based on the powerful software capabilities of space geometry calculation and computer screen measurement technology. After the computer is instal



[News] What is the role of vision measurement machine in industrial development

With the development of science and technology, the measurement accuracy of various objects to be measured is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for measurement technology become more and more demanding. The 2D/3D measurement machine combine optical projection with computer have big i



[News] Vehicle Reliability Testing ---- Components and Materials

There are two important aspects of car development, function and performance. The fatigue durability of a vehicle and its components is an important index for evaluating automobile performance. The test components runs through the process to make a car. Better parts and materials can make better cars.

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