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In the field of mobile systems, lithium batteries have successfully proved their importance as energy storage. Even larger applications - such as electric vehicles - require storage systems, which not only offer a large volume of energy, but which also can produce large outputs. To test their reliab



[News] Battery testing at Sanwood step by step 
In recent years, the world's advanced countries have developed rapidly in the research and development of electric vehicles.Electric vehicles and related components [battery cells, battery systems, battery modules, electric vehicle motors, electric vehicle controllers and chargers, etc.], these test



[News] What is a salt spray test? Why conduct salt spray test?
What is a salt spray test? Why conduct salt spray test?Salt spray corrosion is a common and most destructive atmospheric corrosion. Salt spray corrosion on the surface of metal materials is caused by the electrochemical reaction between the chloride layer that penetrates the metal surface and protec



[News] Sanwood sincerely invites you to attend the CIOE China Optical Expo 2023



[News] After-sales service is an important part of our Sanwood brand value
Recently, our service team is running among our valued customers. After-sales service is an important part of our Sanwood brand value.This stop-ThailandWe are very grateful to the NUOVO team for their cooperation with our engineer , Z A Wen during this period. For problems that cannot be solved onli



[News] Why Environmental Testing Is an Important Part of Product Development
Any product must pass the corresponding environmental adaptability verification before it is officially launched on the market, so as to avoid economic and goodwill losses caused by problems in the process of product introduction to the market.Environmental testing is a type of testing that evaluate



[News] Sanwood,instant after-sales service to Hong Kong - MTR Maintenance Centre
Applause for our service engineer - Z A WenHe was invited to fly to the Hong Kong-MTR Maintenance Center to do maintenance work. He said he was shocked to see the cleanliness of the maintenance site and how everyone performed their duties efficiently. This allows us to better understand the needs of



[News] New Energy Tram - Battery Test Standard
As the world transitions to low-carbon transport, electric vehicles are gaining popularity in a variety of applications, from cars to buses, trucks and even airplanes. However, EV batteries must be safe and reliable for widespread adoption, especially in high-stress scenarios such as extreme tempera



[News] Automotive industry parts testing-sanwood reliability testing equipment manufacturer
Automotive industry parts testing-sanwood reliability testing equipment manufacturerWith the continuous development of automobile electronic control technology, the number of electronic equipment equipped with automobiles has greatly increased. Various electronic and electrical components have accou



[News] The development of the new energy industry
The road is long and long, but if we keep our feet on the ground, we will definitely reach our destination. From 1992 to 2023, China's new energy vehicles have undergone earth-shaking changes, developing from a humble small business to a powerful industry and gaining global recognition.After 30 year
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