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Online Frost-free high and low temperature chamber fulfill online operating

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Sanwood new design of frost-free temperature humidity test chamber can realize the test requirement of manual online operation while sample testing. It successfully simulate the impact and infuluence of a specific temperature and humidity on an electrionic product which is manual operating.



In the new electronic technology industry, the innovation of electronic products has brought new waves to the people, and more convenient experience, such as smart phones, radars, drones, life robots and so on. In this type of products, various reliability tests are very common and indispensable, such as high and low temperature simulation test, aging resistance test, waterproof and dustproof level test, etc. However, with the safety of this type of product, accurate The requirements for reliability are getting higher and higher, and online operation reliability testing has gradually become one of the necessary reliability tests for electronic products.

Environmental test chambers Frost-free-Temperature-Humidity-Test-Chamber

Sanwood newest design Online frost-free temperature humidity test chamber helps in this kind of test requirement. Observe window equipped with automatic defrost function, as well as the user-friendly hand-operated holes and opening heights on the observation window, they are all excellent designs that provide online operation testing.

Environmental test chambers Frost-free Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

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