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Ozone Aging Chamber of SANWOOD

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Ozone Aging Chamber

Ozone aging test chamber


Ozone aging chamber for testing rubber and rubber products (to meet) the relevant standards: JIS K 6259 ASTM1149 ISO1431 GB / T7762 GB / T13642, etc.  mainly antioxidant test used chamber.




Inner chamber size(mm): 500(W)*600(H)*500(D)

Outer chamber size(mm):1150(W)*1500(H)*750(D)

Temperature range: RT+10~+60℃

Temperature fluctuation:±0.5℃

Temperature deviation:±2.0℃

Temperature resolution:0.1℃

Relative humidity: ≤65%RH

Humidity resolution; 0.1%R.H

Humidity deviation:+2/ -3%RH

Ozone concentration: 0~1500pphm (adjustable)

Ozone concentration deviation:≤10%




Test method-- Dynamic Test and Static Test:

1.The speed adjusting motor drives the specimen holder device(meet the static tensile test, and the test piece running track         meets the principle of the law of the track).

2. Ozone concentration automatic digital control instrument

3. Dual beam "QUA" non-dispersive ultraviolet ozone detector

4. Digital automatic on-line measurement

5. Leaving a measurement calibration interface

6. The setting of ozone concentration / temperature and humidity is controlled by PID, and the operation is convenient and reliable to prevent aging and improve the lifespan of rubber products.

More information about about our climatic chamber is available from following video:



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