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Particle (PSL) Filtration Efficiency Tester


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Particle Filtration Efficiency Tester is used to test the filtration level of aerosol particles by respirator filter element under certain environmental conditions.
  • SM4315C


Product Description

Particle (PSL) Filtration Efficiency Tester



Particle Filtration Efficiency Tester is used to test the filtration level of aerosol particles by respirator filter element under certain environmental conditions.

The aerosol particles (PSL-Polystyrene Latex) with a certain concentration and particle size distribution are generated by the aerosol generator, and pass through the tested sample at the specified air flow rate. The concentration of the particles before and after the test sample is tested, and the filtration efficiency of the tested sample to the particles is evaluated by the percentage of the decrease of the particle concentration.

SM4315C-Pro tester uses high-efficiency aerosol generator, high-precision laser multi-channel aerosol particle counter, Isokinetic sampling head, laminar flow sampling pipeline, precision differential pressure sensor and precision flowmeter. It is controlled by microcomputer to precisely control the air flow and aerosol concentration

By replacing the test head, SM4315C can test the filtration efficiency of respirator, masks and protective clothing.


Testing Scope:Medical surgical mask, Disposable medical mask, Medical protective mask, etc.


Testing Standards: 

ASTM F2100

ASTM F2299



1. The flow range is 0-100l / min, the accuracy is ± 2%, and the resolution is 0.1L/min;

2. The flow rates cover many worldwide test standards;

3. The pressure detection range is 0Pa ~ 1000Pa, the accuracy is 1%, and the resolution is 0.1Pa;

4. Concentration detection range: 10^7-10^8 particles/m3;

5. Touch screen control, simple operation;

6. PSL aerosol generator;

7. Automatic control of aerosol concentration;

8. Isokinetic sampling head;

9. Laminar flow sampling pipeline;

10. Built in high-precision, multi-channel laser scattering particles (aerosol particle sensor);

11. Particle size measurement range: 0.3 mm - 10.0 mm;

12. Equipped with a variety of clamps, suitable for testing respirators, respirators and protective clothing;

13. Pneumatic clamp;

14. Built-in antistatic device;

15. Built-in HEPA filter;

16. Built-in clean air source;


Ordering Information:SM4315C Particle (PSL) Filtration Efficiency Tester

SM4315C/1 Reference PSL Particles 0.3mm 10ml/bottle

SM4315C/2 Reference PSL Particles 0.5mm 10ml/bottle

SM4315C/3 Reference PSL Particles 1.0mm 10ml/bottle

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