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Programmable Box-type Resistance Furnace- High temperature modification


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With the over ten years experiences and follow the world’s environmental protection trend, our new generation box-type resistance furnace wins the leading position and have several patents. Providing the high quality and satisfactory products with humanized design to the global clients. Temperature, time, heating rate can be automatically controlled.
  • SM-SX2-4-13NP/SM-SX2-8-13NP/SM-SX2-8-16NP/SM-SX2-12-16NP

  • Sanwood

Product Description

Product features:

 Easily and security operation with special door design, inner high temperature will not ooze.

 Micro-computer controller, easily operation, accuracy control.

● Anti-corrosion light weight liner, durable service.( Firebrick or ceramic fiber for chosen)

● Excellent sealing techniques, keep the inner temperature even.

● Programmable controller. 10 programs, each program can be set up. Temperature, time and heating rate are cyclic programed.

● Multi-segments Programmable controller, truly put automatic control into effect.

Safety function

 The power will be automatically shut down when the door open, security operation.

● Over temperature/current warning system;

● Good thermal insulation effect of using ceramic fiber.

Liner for chosen(User depends)

 Firebrick(N series), wide application, durable service, highly cost effective.

Technical parameters:

Liner dimension
Outside dimension
Highest temperature1300130016001600
Power supply220V/50HZ380V/50HZ380V/50HZ380V/50HZ
Input power4KW8KW8KW12KW
Heating elementsAlchrome
Remarks‘N’ represent firebrick liner; ’P’ represent programmable   resistance furnace
Accuracy control: ±1℃; Temperature uniformity: 5℃(vertical direction)



1. 30 programs programmable controller for chosen, timing setting from 0~5999 min.(Extra charge)

2. Opening holes.(Extra charges)




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