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SANWOOD Battery High Low Temperature Chamber be with you to meet the new regulations of lithium batteries UN38.3

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Recently, when you open the Amazon background, The headline with an article "New lithium battery requirements for Amazon logistics sellers", will catch your eyes when you open the Amazon background.  It means that Amazon has new rules for FBA goods, and sellers must comply with the new rules, otherwise Will be banned for sale!

Lithium ion battery un383

What is UN38.3

It refers to Section 38.3 of Part 3 of the "United Nations Manual of Tests and Standards for the Transport of Dangerous Goods" specially developed by the United Nations for the transportation of dangerous goods, which requires that lithium batteries must be subjected to high-level simulation, high and low temperature cycling, Vibration test, shock test, 55 ℃ external short circuit, impact test, overcharge test, forced discharge test can ensure the safety of lithium battery transportation. Whats more,1.2-meter free drop test must also be passed, if the lithium battery and the device are not installed together, or more than 24 battery cells or 12 batteries are contained in each package..

lifepo4 battery un38-3

In the face of clear regulations ,SANWOOD Technology reminds all customers of lithium batteries or related to Lithium battery that have you found a trusted supplier of test reliability equipment? Have you purchased relevant reliability test equipment for the new one? 

SANWOOD Technology ’s Battery Explosion-proof  High Low Temperature Chamber strictly implement the environmental test specifications for batteries:

IEC62660-2 Reliability  and abuse of lithium battery cells for electric vehicles;

SAE J2464 Electric vehicle battery abuse test;

IEC 60086-4 Primary batteries Part 4:safety of lithium batteries;

UL 1642 US lithium battery safety standard;

UN Lithium Battery Testing United Nations lithium battery test requirement;

IEC 61960 Portable lithium secondary battery unit;

IEC 62133 Single battery(cell) and battery pack with alkaline or non-acid electrolyte:Portable battery cells and batteries manufactured using them,safety requirements for portable applications;

UL 2054 Household and commercial batteries;

IEEE 1625 Laptop rechargeable battery;

IEEE 1725 Telephone rechargeable battery.

Battery Explosion-proof High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

Battery High Low Temperature Test Chamber -Sanwood unique selling point:

- Battery High Low Temperature Test Chamber Large angle and Full heating observation window;
- High stability full color touch screen;
- Pin holes on both sides; Height adjustable specimen holder;
- Three independent over temperature protection;
- Safety sample test;
- High quality casters convenient device level shift;
- Ultra silent;
- Easy to open operation panel for maintenance
- Color screen 32 bit control system, Ethernet E management , USB data storage function, APP mobile platform management.

If you are a seller selling similar products, you should also give feedback to your suppliers in time.Let them do the relevant testing in advance, otherwise the products built before may not be sold anymore. Welcome to consult,SANWOOD Technology,a Factory  specialized in manufacturing product reliability test equipment for 25 years and exported to more than 50 countries. We will provide you with the safest lithium battery reliability test equipment and save you 60% of energy!

sanwood climatic chambers

Now there are less than 30 days before January 1, 2020, Battery  High Low Temperature Test Chamber manufacturers who have not yet done this test must take the time to prepare and be sure to do this test, It’s responsible to the buyer and yourself !

For product details: www.sanwood.cc

Sanwood produce: consistant temperature and humidity test chamber | HAST accelerated aging test chamber Thermal shock test chamber |

ESS Rapid Temperature Change Test ChamberUV lamp weathering chamber Rain test chamber 


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