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SANWOOD HAST Accelerated Aging Chamber Tracing the Step of HAST Technology Development

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In recent years, Development of HAST, highly accelerated stress test technology provides a powerful tool for the assessment of product quality and reliability, rapid exposure to product design and manufacturing defects, improve its reliability.At present, this technology has been widely used in communications, electronics, computers, medical, energy, aviation, and aerospace And military and other fields, which involving network equipment, microwave equipment, optical fiber, telemetry equipment, video processing equipment, commercial avionics, hand-held computers,

Both the HALT (Highly accelerated life test) and the HASS (Highly accelerated stress screen) were proposed by Dr. Gregg K Hobbs, President of Hobbs engineering company. Since the 1990 s, in some industrial developed countries, especially the United States, HAST technology has been widely accepted by businesses due to its charm and fierce market competition.This technique has been widely used and achieved great success without exception.As a result, high-efficiency environmental stress and environmental stress screening equipment industries have emerged in domestic and foreign countries. Manufacturers such as HAST accelerated aging test box, HALT test box, HASS test box, and ultimate stress test box have appeared one after another. 

SANWOOD Technology was also established basing on cooperation with Taiwan technology at this stage.Then,SANWOOD has been involved in the development and production of HAST accelerated aging test chambers.


HALT and HASS is a whole, they belongs to the category of HAST. 


What is HALT Test ?

HALT stands for Highly Accelerated Life Test. HALT is a test method that accelerates the exposure of product defects and weaknesses by applying progressively increasing environmental stresses or working loads. It mainly used in the product development stage. It can promote product design and process defect exposure treatment in a short time, so as to provide a basis for us to make design improvements and improve product reliability.

The main contents of  HALT:

1. Gradually increase the stress until the product fails or fails;

2. Take temporary measures to correct the failure or malfunction of the product;

3. Continue to gradually leave stress until the product fails again or malfunctions and is corrected;

4. Repeat the above stress-failure-correction steps to find out the basic operating limits and basic damage limits of the product.

The main test functions of HALT are as follows:

1. Use environmental stress to stimulate and improve product design defects;

2. Understand product design capabilities and failure modes;

3. As a reference for high-stress screening and auditing systems;

4. Quickly identify defects in the product manufacturing process;

5. Increase product reliability and reduce maintenance costs;

6. Establish a product design capability database, provide the basis for undeveloped research and development, and shorten the design and manufacturing cycle.

HALT S is used in the research and development stage of products, which can find the weak link of product reliability early. The applied stress is much higher than that of the product during normal transportation, storage and use.


What is HASS Test?

HASS stands for High Accelerated Stress Screening Test. HASS is a high-acceleration stress screening performed at the production stage after a product reaches its working limit or damage limit through HALT, and generally requires 100% of the product to participate in the screening. The purpose is to reduce the potential defects of the product, and try to eliminate these defects before the product leaves the factory. HASS mainly uses accelerated stress to find defective products in a short period of time, and shortens the product improvement cycle.

HASS content includes the following:

1. Perform per-screening to remove hidden defects that may develop into obvious defects;

2. Conduct detection and screening to find obvious defects;

3. Failure analysis and improvement measures.

HASS is applied at the production stage of the product to ensure that all improvements found in HALT can be implemented. HASS also ensures that new defects are not introduced due to changes in production processes and components.


SANWOOD Technology's Innovation in the Field of HAST: SANWOOD HAST Accelerated Aging Test Chamber


No matter the product in development stage or the production stage, SANWOOD HAST accelerated aging test box is a good choice for product reliability test. It’s mainly to place the product to be tested under severe temperature, humidity (water vapor) and pressure environments to test the high humidity resistance of the product to be tested. For printed circuit boards (PCB & FPC), it is used to conduct material moisture absorption test. High pressure cooking test, etc. SANWOOD HAST accelerated aging test chamber complies with IEC 60068-2-66, IEC's environmental test standards (International Electrotechnical Commission).

SANWOOD HAST accelerated aging test chamber’s feature:

1. HAST test chamber Automatic adding water function, and automatic filling water upon the water short storage while testing.
2.Automatic operation to test process finished, easy to use.
3.Temperature control: LED digital temperature controller can make accurate testing of temperature setting, control and display.
4. LED digital timer, when the inner box's temperature reached the setting value, then start to time to ensure the test complete.
5.Accurate pressure: temperature chart always shows the inner box's pressure and relative humidity.
6.Water device is automatically discharge not saturated steam in order to achieve the best steam quality.
7.A integrated silica gel door gasket, air tightness is very good, and long operation life.
8.The inner box is mirror-polished , graceful and non-pollution.


The research and development team of SANWOOD Technology has the foresight of the times, and is continuously committed to the development research in the HAST Technology field.SANWOOD Technology develops and produces HAST accelerated aging test chambers and continuously optimizes and updates the test quality, test results and test methods of equipment.Customizing HALT test chambers used in different fields. Development and production of HASS test chambers are our development direction in the field of HAST. At present, the research on high-acceleration stress experiments and limit tests in the domestic reliability engineering community has just started, and its core technology is still not comprehensive. This situation has seriously hindered the research and development of advanced technologies for reliability enhancement testing in China. 

The Reliability Laboratory of National University of Defense Technology and the Reliability Engineering Center of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics have achieved certain results in HAST research and application. Therefore, it is imperative to research and develop a fast, economical and effective reliability test (HAST test chamber) method.

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