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​SANWOOD shipped a Ultra Low Temperature Climatic Test Chamber to our client .

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SANWOOD shipped a Ultra Low Temperature Climatic Test Chamber to our client .

Here is some photos of Ultra Low Temperature Climatic Test Chamber !




Ultra Low Temperature Climatic Test Chamber is widely used in the temperature variation test, 

cold resistance test and storage with low-temperature in the foelds of aerospace, aviation, electronics,

instrument, electric products, materials, parts and components and equipment to analyze and evaluate 

the property and performance of the sample under thr simulated conditions.

Ultra Low Climatic Test Chamber Features:

-Automatic refrigeration switching for efficient operation

-Viewing window with lamp

-Stainless steel interior

-Two stainless steel shelves

-Standard 50mm (2") diameter cable port

-Specimen power supply control terminal

-Mode program setting function

-Except run fixed value program, our chamber is also capable for mixed program as you set.


Sanwood Environmental Chambers Co.,Ltd, based in Taiwan. We are a direct factory which has specialized in manufacturing environmental 

test chambers for 22 years. 

Our products have exported to more than 40 countries, included USA, UK, Russia, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, etc. 


We mainly produce:

1. Temperature & humidity test chamber ( Temperature range: -75~+180C, Humidity range: 10%~98%RH)

2. High low temperature test chamber( Temperature range: -75~+180C)

3. UV weathering test chamber

4. Xenon lamp accelerated aging test chamber

5. Ozone accelerated aging test chamber

6. Thermal shock test chamber( Two-zone type and three-zone type)

7. Rapid temperature change test chamber Heating & cooling rate: 5C/min, 10C/min, 15C/min

8. Salt spray corrosion test chamber

9. Dust test chamber

10. Rain test chamber

11. Temperature & altitude test chamber

12. Temperature, humidity and vibration combined chamber

13. (Vacuum) drying oven

14. Vibration test system



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