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SANWOOD temperature humidity test chambers meets the IEC 60068-2 test standard

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IEC (International Electrotechnical Association) is the earliest non-governmental international electrotechnical standardization organization established in the world. It formulates relevant test specifications and test methods for electronic products used in people's livelihood, such as: motherboards, notebook computers, tablet computers, and smart phones. , LCD screens, game consoles, etc. The main test standards are all extended from IEC, and the main representative is IEC60068-2.

The test condition of the temperature humidity test chamber [environmental test] refers to exposing the sample to the natural and artificial environment, but evaluating its performance under the actual conditions of use, transportation and storage, through standardized standards Used in order to make the environmental test of the sample uniform and re-linear.


SANWOOD temperature humidity test chamber test (environmental test) can simulate whether the product can adapt to environmental changes (temperature, humidity, vibration, temperature change, shermal shock, salt spray, dust) at different stages (storage, transportation, use). etc. , And verify that the characteristics and quality of the product itself will not be affected by it. Low temperature, high temperature, and temperature shock can produce mechanical stress. This stress makes the test sample more sensitive to subsequent tests. Impact and vibration can produce mechanical stress. Stress can cause the sample to be damaged immediately. Air pressure, alternating damp heat, constant damp heat, and corrosion can be applied to these tests to continue the test effects of heat and mechanical stress.

temperature humidity test chambers

Sharing of important IEC norms:

IEC 60068-2-1-cold

Test purpose: To test the operation and storage capacity of automotive components, equipment or other component products in a low temperature environment.

Test conditions:

1. Temperature: -65, -55,-40,-25,-10,-5,+5℃.

2. Residence time: 2/16/72/96 hours.

3. Temperature change rate: no more than 1℃ per minute.

4. Allowable error: ±3℃.

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