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Sanwood constant temperature and humidity chamber solutions for double 85 test

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Sanwood has 25 years experience in environmental chambers and can provide a variety of constant temperature and humidity test chambers solutions for double 85 test. According to the size and quantity of the specimens, test standards, the test capacity ranges from 22.5l to 40 cubes. We have designs including benchtop type temperature and humidity chambers, energy-saving type temperature and humidity chambers, floor standing type and walk-in type temperature and humidity chambers.


 When it comes to the double 85 test,  It is an environmental test, which only needs to set the temperature of 85 ° C, the relative humidity of 85% and the test time.  it is an important method to assess many special performance indexes of materials. Let's see what materials are suitable for double 85 test? 


First of all, it’s the photovoltaic modules in the electronic and electrical industry, photovoltaic industry, LED industry and solar energy industry, including monocrystalline silicon module, ground crystalline silicon photovoltaic module, ground thin film photovoltaic module and a series of photovoltaic modules, which can simulate the environmental relialibity test. Mainly test standard IEC61215, IEC61646.



Second, the plastic industry, glass industry also need to do double 85 test. The difference is that the requirements of double 85 test in different industries are slightly different. For example, in the glass industry, the double 85 test is also known as the wet-freezing test, which not only includes the double 85 test, but also includes a low temperature test, both cycles. It can examine some properties of glass after toughening. 


Now double 85 has penetrated into all walks of life, such as electronic and electrical industry, communication industry, instrument, automobile, metal products industry, food and medical industry, chemical and construction materials, lighting, aerospace, etc.

According to the characteristics of different industries and product requirements, different double 85 test conditions are carried out to verify the performance of materials. For example, in the photovoltaic industry, the double 85 test can determine the thermal stress produced by the photovoltaic module exposed to high humidity and its ability to resist the long-term penetration of moisture; for common rubber products, the double 85 test can assess the mechanical properties, yellowing index, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, thermal weight loss and other performance indicators of the material, and compare the data before and after the test. Generally speaking, the smaller the difference between the front and back, the better, indicating that the material has good heat resistance stability. 


Welcome to inquiry Sanwood test chambers and get a solution for your double 85 test. 

please pay attention to mark technology website:www.sanwood.cc or E-mail:info@sanwood.cc .

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