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Sea Water Immersion Test Machine for EV Battery Test

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The sea water immersion test machine is mainly used for seawater immersion test with temperature shock for EV power battery, and the quality and reliability test of products, parts and materials under simulated seawater immersion conditions.


Air ice water shock test of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.High-voltage batteries for electric vehicles must undergo a functional test of sudden immersion in water in accordance with the test standard VW 80000:2017 LV124 K-13.


Sea Water Immersion Test Machine

In a rigorous test, the test material is first heated to 60 to 90°C, and then quickly immersed in cold water at 0°C for quenching. A test series consists of 20 cycles, each cycle has 5 minutes of soaking time. Since the salt content of ice water must be 5%, the test system must be designed to be corrosion resistant.


Safety protection:

1) Sea water tank refrigeration system:compressor overload protection; Over pressure protection; low pressure protection;

2) Corrosion-resistant test chamber with ice water basin;

3) Lifting device;

4) Water circulation device;

5) Safety according to Hazard Level 5;

6) High temperature unit heating system: Heater short circuit protection; heater over temperature protection;

7) Power supply: leakage protection, short circuit protection, wrong phase, low pressure protection, over pressure protection;

8) Three color light to show the working status ;

9) water pump: overload protection, short circuit protection;



Sea Water Immersion Test Machine should be suitable for entire battery packs weighing up to 800 kg. The lifting mechanism shall lower the test material to 1.5 meters in the water basin within 5 seconds. Since outgassing occurs when lithium-ion batteries are in contact with salt water, appropriate protective measures need to be taken.

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