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Shock-absorbing tray vacuum packaging design

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As a leader in the environmental test chamber industry and an innovative problem solver, SANWOOD has designed new pallets and vacuum packaging to ensure more reliable delivery of the environmental test chamber, and reduce vibration during transportation and sea water during shipping. Corrosion damage of the product.

The previous pallet design was the industry standard, with a simple single-layer wooden pallet. SANWOOD hopes to design and create a new pallet to reduce damage to the equipment during transportation. In long-distance transportation, especially in areas with unsatisfactory transportation infrastructure, vibration and shock damage can sometimes damage cargo holds and shakers. The previous pallet design could not withstand the vibrations caused by unpaved roads or potholes, so the equipment suffered. This has led to the stagnation of production by companies planning to use environmental test rooms in product testing, and increased remote video calls to customers and even door-to-door repairs to customers, thus wasting time and money.


SANWOOD engineers developed the solution. A brand new pallet was designed that uses thick and dense foam to absorb shocks. Place these foam sheets horizontally on a standard wooden board, and place the foam intermittently between the two boards. After the new pallet design was put into use, it has successfully reduced the damage to the test box during transportation, thereby consolidating the customer's decision on the need for SANWOOD environmental test chamber.

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