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Solar Simulator Of SANWOOD

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Solar Simulator Of SANWOOD


SANWOOD  Solar Simulator is designed for athlete training or material testing.  It simulates the sun radiation from 400 to 1200W/m2.    With UV filter, UV index is<1

Consists of

  • LCD Touch Screen Controller

  • Metal Halide Lamp System

  • UV filter

  • Digital Power System

  • Solar Sensor

  • Exhaust Cooling Fan


  • LCD Touch Screen Controller

  • Mode: Fix mode and program mode

  • Radiation: 400-1200W/m2

  • Radiation Intensity: Adjustable

  • Lamp: Metal Halide Lamp

  • UV index:<1 

  • With calibration adjustment

  • Sensor: Pyranometer

  • Good Uniformity and Stability



  • Model: C4000

  • Mode: fix or program mode

  • Siemen controller

  •  Single lamp or multi-lamps control

  • User friendly operation

Solar Lamp

  • Model: SM-4000

  • Metal halide lamp: 4000W

  • Ceiling mount


Power Supply System

  • Model: EGS-4000

  • Dimension:   HxWxD

  • With current indicator

  • Rack mount

  • With exhaust air tubing

  • Power supply: 230Vac 20A

UV glass filter

  • Model: GF-5

  • UV index:<1

  • Thickness: 5mm


Solar sensor

  • Model: CM4

  • Range: 0-4000W/m2


  • Sun simulation

  • Athlete training

  • Solar panel radiation testing

  • Research analysis

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