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Temperature Humidity Chamber

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Sanwood have 13 process and 5 times quality control to ensure the accurate control of all details for the Temperature Humidity Chamber ,Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber,Temperature Humidity Test Chamber,Temperature and Humidity Chamber,Temperature and Humidity Chamber
On-site training can be carried out according to the contract requirements when installing and commissioning equipment for the user and putting it into use;
The user can be arranged to come to the company for on-site technical training during the factory commissioning, so that the customer can understand the performance of the equipment, train the correct use method, operation , routine maintenance, common fault detection and elimination, and reduce the malfunction caused by improper use of the equipment. Save maintenance costs for customers.

  • SMC-1800-CC
  • Sanwood
  • SMC-1800-CC

Product Description

Temperature Humidity ChamberBasic introduction:

Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber simulating product under the condition of temperature and humidity combination (high and low temperature operation & storage, temperature cycle, high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and humidity and condensation test, etc.), check whether the adaptability and characteristics of the product itself have changed.

Temperature Humidity Test Chamber Need to meet the requirements of international standard (IEC, JIS, GB, MIL...). in order to achieve International quantum measurement procedures consistency (including test steps, conditions, methods). To avoid different cognitive, and reduce uncertainly factors scope of measurement.

Temperature Humidity Chamber 2

Six advantages of Sanwood Temperature Humidity Chamber :
1.Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Evaporator no frosting under longtime Low temperature and low humidity running.
2.Automatic control system refrigerant demand save electricity above 30%
3.High heat load tested samples test environment
4.realize 95℃ 95%high temperature and high humidity environment.
5.10% 20 ℃ ultra-low temperature range control ability
6.Multi-language selection: Chinese, English, Russian, Korean, Japanese, German  multilingual language switching.

Temperature Humidity Chamber

Temperature Humidity Chamber Specification:


Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Product Catalog:

Temperature Humidity Test Chamber.pdf

Please consult the sales for specific technical parameters, SANWOOD reserves the right of explanation.

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