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Tesla Model 3 will use CATL Lithium iron phosphate Battery

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Tesla Model 3 will use CATL Lithium iron phosphate Battery?

A few days ago, according to Reuters, Tesla and CATL had negotiated the use of cobalt-free batteries in Chinese-made cars, and the negotiations have now entered the final stage.Tesla has been in talks with CATL for more than a year to ensure the supply of lithium iron phosphate batteries, thereby saving "double-digit percentages" of costs.

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"Cobalt-free batteries" as mentioned by Reuters are actually lithium iron phosphate batteries, which has always been one of the power battery technology routes for China's new energy automobile industry. Cobalt is one of the most expensive metal elements in electric vehicle batteries. 

In response to this news, CATL Public Relations Department said that it has the ability to provide suitable and competitive solutions based on customer needs to bring value to customers.CATL did not disclose more information. However, another source revealed that the lithium iron phosphate of the CATL will load on the Tesla Low version  Tesla Model 3 in the second half of this year.

In addition to lithium iron phosphate, foreign media news also mentioned the CTP (Cell To Pack) technology of CATL. According to the data of CATL, the volume utilization rate of its CTP battery packs has increased by 15% -20%, the number of battery pack parts has been reduced by 40%, the production efficiency has increased by 50%, and the energy density of battery packs has increased by 10% -15%, which can reach Above 200Wh / kg. Everyone is most worried about the low temperature performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries. At -30 ° C, the lithium iron phosphate battery using CTP technology in the CATL has a capacity retention rate of 88.4%, which is higher than 80% of the ternary 523 and 78% of the 811, and the energy retention rate is basically the same. CATL  lithium iron phosphate battery using CTP technology also performs quite well.


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