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The 53rd school is completed-Charity and Public welfare

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A school inauguration ceremony was held on a hot Sunday in Zijin County, Heyuan, Guangdong. Zhangxia Primary School is the 53rd elementary school funded by the Zenneng 63 team. On this day, representatives of the Charity organization of the Zenneng 63 team witnessed the completion of this school.


David Dai,the Sales Director of Sanwood Technology, has always been an entrepreneur who knows how to be grateful. He knows that the continuous development of society has brought him all opportunities. He has never forgotten to give back to the society. Going to help the construction of primary schools in impoverished mountainous areas is one of his ways to give back to the society. Yesterday, as one of the charity representatives of the Zhaneng 63 team, he also attended the inauguration ceremony of the 53rd school.


He is a member of a caring society and an entrepreneur who makes positive contributions to this society. His caring actions are also an important part of the corporate culture of Sanwood Technology under his leadership.


He said,“ I am just an ordinary person, and I will do what I can to make the world a better place. As long as we still have the ability, my pace of charity will not stop. This is also one of the important cultures of our Sanwood Technology.”


2020 is an era of restlessness for the Chinese and even people all over the world. Starting from the end of 2019, the unprepared COVID-19 has spread in our country, followed by natural disasters in different places. Fires, mudslides, floods, in the actions of the Chinese people to unite and help each other, we have passed through one difficulty after another.


Every one of us living on this earth is inseparable from large and small societies. Only when everyone has this spirit of mutual help and unity can we be strong as a society, so we can be strong as individuals. Everyone gives back to society in their own different ways.

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