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Thermal Shock Test Chamber of SANWOOD

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Thermal Shock Test Chamber


This is the new-design Three zone thermal shock test chamber of SANWOOD.

Model of Thermal Shock Chamber:

1.Two Zone Thermal Shock Chamber: 50L, 80L, 100L, 150L, 200L, 300L, 500L (from SM-50-2P-A to SM-500-2P-A);

2. Three Zone Thermal Shock Chamber: 50L, 80L, 100L, 150L, 200L, 300L, 500L (from SM-50-3P-A to SM-500-3P-A)

Thermal Shock Chamber Product features:

1. Thermal shock test chamber is divided into high temperature area, low temperature area and test area, adjust unique thermal insulation structure and thermal storage effect and applied hot and cold wind switch method to the test products, in this way, to do the high low temperature shock test. During the test, the object do not move.

2. Japan original imported LCD (320x240Dots) display control system in Chinese and English

3. With RS-232 communication interface device, and the computer on line control / editing / recording and two sets of dynamic contacts (Time Signal Relay), easy to use.

4.High program memory capacity, can be set to store 100 sets of procedures, the maximum cycle set 9999 cycles, each time the maximum set 999Hrs 59Mins.

5. The function of 2Zone or 3Zone can be selected when cold and heat shock conditions are performed.

6. Fully automatic, high precision circuit system, any mechanical worked, entirely by the P.L.C. lock.

7. When the mechanical is failed, equipped with the automaton loop and a warning signal. When find that the input power is not stable, stop device in emergency.


This is Two Zone Thermal Shock Chamber.


Technical parameters:

1. Inner volume:50~500L

2. Temperature impact range: -70℃~150℃

3. Temperature fluctuation:±1.0℃

4. Low temperature precooling time: 25.0℃~-70.0℃  Within 60 mins 1.0~3.0℃/min

5. High temperature preheating time: 25.0℃~200.0℃  Within 60 mins  3.0~7.0℃/min

6. Temperature conversion time: 3S

7. Internal material: Stainless steel(SUS304)

8.External material:Cold rolled steel sheet / powder spraying

9. Heat insulating material: 100mm thickness polyurethane plate+10mm thickness mineral wool

10.Fan: Centrifugal blower

11. Compressor: France Tecumseh, Germany Bock, Germany Bitzer

12.Condenser: Air cooling, water cooling

13.Refrigerant: R404A、R23、R508

14.Evaporator: Fin - and - Tube Heat Exchanger

15.Heater: Nickel chromium alloy heating wire

16.Operating ambient temperature: +5 ~ 35℃

17.Safety: Adjustable over temperature protection, heater dry burning over temperature protection, humidifier dry burning, over temperature protection, automatic stop operation when troubles occur. Leakage protection function cuts off main power supply

18.Power supply: 380V AC  50/60Hz

19.Controller: SANWOOD SH5600:Equipped with RS232 port;(7.0 inch controller) USB data export



1. Exterior material: spray galvanized color steel plate, the surface electrostatic spray processing

2. Interior material: stainless steel SUS#304

3. Thermal insulation layer: Polyurethane foam board and glass fiber

4. Seal: Toshiba high purity silicon rubber raw material, effectively prevent aging

5. Heater: Ni Cr alloy electric heater

6. Sample basket: stainless steel SUS#304: 5 NET METAL BASKET; 70/100L/200L/300L bearing capacity: 5kd/10kg

More information about about our climatic chamber is available from following video:



More information about SANWOOD is availabel from:


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