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Thermal test of the battery

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Thermal test of the battery - Details

High temperature heat resistance test


A. Adjust the state of charge for BEV application batteries to 100%, and HEV application batteries to 80%;

B. After the battery is stable at room temperature, put it into a convection barn with circulating air. The barn temperature is required to be raised to +130 degrees Celsius (± 2 degrees) from 5 degrees Celsius per minute. The test time is 30 minutes until the end of the test.


Note:When the test is in progress, it is recommended to measure the battery temperature, voltage and temperature of the barn.


Battery Dry Oven

Sanwood Battery Dry Oven series of SM-G-DA with temperature range+25℃~+200℃ suitable for lithium-ion battery and battery core vacuum baking;put the pole piece or battery core into the oven, set the required baking process time on the man-machine interface, press the start button to start the baking process, according to the process setting It is required that the equipment automatically performs the work of vacuuming and nitrogen filling.


Temperature cycle test


A. No power test:


When BEV is charged at 100%, HEV is charged at 80%:


Test at minus 40 degrees Celsius for 60-150 minutes;


Test at 85 degrees Celsius above zero for 300-410 minutes;


Each test executes 30 cycles


B. Power-on test:


When BEV is charged at 100%, HEV is charged at 80%:


Test at minus 20 degrees Celsius for at least 60 minutes;


The longest test at minus 65 degrees Celsius is 410 minutes;


Each test executes 30 cycles.


Battery Safety Testing-High Low Temperature Test Chamber

We recommend sanwood Battery Safety Testing-High Low Temperature Test Chamber,which is available for Security level: Hazard level 6. 


Optional safety device:


A:Pressure relief port (to release the over-pressure gas produced inside the chamber);

B: Explosion proof chains (to protect the operators from door explosion just in case);

C:Smoke sensor (to detect the smoke inside the chamber and active CO2 fire extinguishing system);

D:Rare gas detector and exhaust valve (to detect gases such as CO/H2 and up to 30+ types and exhaust valve to activate ventilation and exhaust the gas to outside);

E:Dupont insulating painting at insides walls (to prevent electrical short circuit);

F).CCTV monitor (to monitor the live status inside the chamber).

Please consult the sales engineer for specific technical parameters, SANWOOD reserves the right of explanation. info@sanwood.cc

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