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UN38.3 battery certification for battery test chambers

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The manufacturer of the battery environmental test chambers tells you which battery test chambers are suitable for un38.3 battery certification?

Each battery and battery-pack must withstand T1-T8.

Small batteries or battery packs must be tested T1-T5 in order. T6 and T8 should use batteries or battery packs that have not been tested. In order to test the battery pack that has been alternately charged and discharged, T7 can be done with damaged battery packs previously used in T1-T5.

T1.High and Low Temperature Altitude Test Chamber

Pressure <= 11.6KPa and ambient temperature 20±5C and store at least 6H;


High and Low Temperature Altitude Test Chamber


We recommend sanwood temperature and altitude test chamber SM-VTH series. The storage and transportation reliability test is carried out under the action of high or low temperature and low pressure single or simultaneous action, and the electrical performance parameters of the test piece can be tested at the same time. Or Sanwood vacuum drying oven SM-DZF series which is simpler and economic.


T2. Battery Temperature fast chamge test chambers(ESS chamber)


+75C=6H; -40C=6H; Repeat 10 times, and store the tested battery and battery pack at ambient temperature for 25 hours. For large batteries and battery packs, 6H should be 12H;


Battery Temperature fast chamge test chambers(ESS chamber)


For fast change temperature test, we recommend sanwood SM-KS series with temperature range -40℃~150℃ and cooling/heating range 5C/min;10C/min;15C/min; 20C/min.


T4. Battery Impact test chambers


Battery Heavy Impact Tester

A half-sine wave shock with a maximum acceleration of 150gn and a pulse duration of 6 milliseconds, three times in the forward direction and three times in the reverse direction, a total of 18 shocks, X, Y, Z.

Large batteries and battery packs: 50 gn and 11 millisecond half-sine wave shocks, a total of 18 times.


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