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Vacuum oven- Multifunctional


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This model is used as vacuum drying for the electronic products of the Li-ion Battery, LED photoelectric element…etc; Improve the experimental efficiency.
  • SM-BPZ-6090-2/SM-BPZ-6090-2B/SM-BPZ-6120-2/SM-BPZ-6120-2B/SM-BPZ-6210-2/SM-BPZ-6210-2B/SM-BPZ-6140-3/SM-BPZ-6140-3B

  • Sanwood

Product Description

Product features:

● 304 Stainless steel sheets, easy cleaning, long life service.

 Rectangle vacuum liner, maximum the volume and make full use of the space.

● Double tempered glass door, can observe the samples inside clearly;

● Loose and tight, the silicon rubber sealing strip can be adjusted and ensure high vacuum inside.

● Increase the over temperature controller, prevent the oven goes beyond control.(Optional)

● Each layer work non-interfering, independent warm-up, vacuumizing, nitrogen fulfillment;

● Imported low noise vacuum pump, vacuum control stable and safe.(Model ends with ‘B’ has the Imported vacuum pump)

● Multi-layer rack(Optional)

● LED lighting(Optional)

◆Process control(Optional)

● Process control operation, can set up the warm-up time, vacuum and nitrogen constant time as per the users’ requirement.

   Decrease the baking differences at the best effort.

Technical parameters:

ModelMultilayer vacuum oven
SM-BPZ-6090-2 SM-BPZ-6120-2SM-BPZ-6210-2 SM-BPZ-6140-3
(2 layers)(2 layers)(2 layers)(3 layers)
Power supplyAC220V 50HZ
Input power2200W3350W3550W3100W
Temperature control rangeRT+10~200℃
Temperature fluctuation0.1℃ /±1℃
Vacuum degree133Pa
Vacuum gaugeMechanical pointer

Operating ambient 


Liner dimension
(W×D×H mm)
    (Single layer)    (Single layer)    (Single layer)    (Single layer)
Outside dimension
(W×D×H mm)
740×810×1470 790×860×1570 880×960×1770880×980×1910
Rack2 pcs

3 pcs    (independen

t temperature control)×2

3 pcs    (independent

 temperature control)×2

2 pcs    (independent

 temperature control)×3


 temperature control)×2

Oven material304 stainless steel(1Cr~18Ni9Ti)/ Electrostatic   spraying techniques
Vacuum gaugeImported vacuum gauge

Under the idle condition ,Performance Parameters tested like this:

Environment temperature is 20, environment humidity is 50% RH.

Optional accessories(when picking this option, delivery need to be added 7 days)

1. Inactive gas inlet valve;

2. Liquid filters(Price depends on model);

3. Drying cans;

4. Air exhausted greasy dirt filter (Replaced once half a year).


1. Model ends with ‘B’ is with imported vacuum pump;

2. BPZ series vacuum drying oven standard with vacuum pump and drying cans;

3. Delivery for the model BPZ-6503BBPZ-6933B is 25 days when picking order.




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