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Vision Measuring System

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Equipment discription:

This imaging measuring instrument applies to the second coordinate measurement for the purpose of all applications, machinery, electronics, instrumentation, plastics and other industries widely used.

Main function:

element measurements: multi-point measurement point, line, circle, arc, angle, ellipse, rectangle measuring points provided, automatic identification of point, line, circle, arc.
element structure: the center structure, the intersection of structure, the mid-point structure, line structure, a round structure, the angle structures.
preset elements: point, line, circle, arc.
graphics: coordinate translation, straighten the workpiece.
arbitrary axis straightened, coordinate system reset.
graphic to enlarge, reduce graphics, graphics translation, graphic printing graphic is selected, uncheck, graphics removed.
Set the zoom, graphics narrow, graphic print radio is selected, deselect, graphics removed.
Set the gray scale image, saturation, contrast, image saved as a BMP format.
a variety of edge detection mode, the computer automatically get points, automatic identification circle, arc greatly enhance the speed of mining points.



Model DHT 322CNC DHT 432CNC DHT 542CNC
Measurement range 300×200×200 400×300×200 500×400×200


External Dimension

1420×775×1630 1660×980×1660 1720×1210×1660



290 420 490


Measurement accuracy

1.8+L/200 2.5+L/200 3.0+L/200

Z/axis 3.5


Max Load

Speed XY/axis 200MM/S

Z/axis 100MM/S
Marble base + column

OO Class Green

Workbench glass Grinding glass≤2C Grinding glass≤2C Grinding glass≤3C
Workbench Grey cast iron natural aging/artificial aging treatment Cross table and marble table two structures

Grating ruler

0.5um import grating (Renishaw grating/RSF grating)
Lighting source

3 ring 8 zone LED ring light source, each segment is independently controlled LED parallel bottom light, programmable control

Objective (X) 6X Automatic Zoom Lens, Image Magnification 18X - 200X
Optional coaxial light Optional coaxial light
CCD American Industrial Black/Color CCD
Control System CNC closed-loop control system
Motor Z axis adopts silent hybrid motor

XY axis servo motor
Ambient Environmental Temperature 20 °C ± 2 °C, temperature change<2 °C/hr, humidity 30 ~ 80%

Vibration<0.002g, 15Hz
Voltage 220V+10%, 50HZ-60HZ
Acceptance method Acceptance of glass ruler

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