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Walk-in temperature and humidity test chamber exported to Australia

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The volume of this walk-in constant temperature and humidity test chamber is 9700L, which is customized by Australian customers. Considering that the transportation method is shipping, the transportation time is long, and the seawater will corrode the equipment, so we vacuum package the equipment to avoid seawater Damage to the equipment.

Walk-in temperature humidity test chamber

Walk-in temperature and humidity test chambers have been developed for special applications, when the need of performing climatic tests on complex, sometimes huge equipment (cars, refrigerators, computers, telecommunication systems) arises. Walk-in chambers, usually tailored to suit the specific customers requirements, are representative of the versatility and high-technology levels achieved by SANWOOD in the field of environmental testing.

Walk-in temperature humidity test chamber 2

The Walk-in temperature and humidity test chamber  temperatures range from -70° C to +150° C (R.H. range: 20%-95%);

Walk-in temperature humidity test chamber 3


1. Walk-in temperature and humidity test chamberThe world's first built-in USB2.0 interface, digital recorder ( can hot-swappable at any time during the records);

2. Industrial vertical full-color multi-language programmable touch control system;

3.The world's first test to be the end of the evaluation back to normal temperature protection mechanism;

4.Apply to larger size products test or large amount products test;

5.Standard modular design stainless steel plate and salt steel as the main material;

6.According to customers size and design required, we can provide them corresponding scheme;

7. Can open the indoor. Security door and leakage circuit breaker protection device;

8. Synchronous safety control of testing power supply and safety protection device for testing products;

9. RO reverse osmosis water filter automatic water supply device for humidity using;

10. Inner box SUS#304; Outer case: color steel plate material;

11. Strong and powerful German bock semi hermetic compressor;

12. Four group Server Valve, the most appropriate amount of refrigerant control;

13. Energy-saving 30%, water-saving 20%; Environment-friendly refrigerant;

14. Four groups of temperature. A set of humidity sensor control;

15. Heating load automatic servo control to adjust refrigerant flow rate, which can withstand the traditional constant temperature and humidity room heat load of more than 3 times.

Walk-in temperature humidity test chamber-Shipping

The Walk-in temperature and humidity test chamber Certification standards:

IEC60068-2-1,IEC60068-2-2,IEC60068-2-78,IEC60068-2-30,IEC60068-2-38,IEC60068-2-66,IOS16750 Temperature/humidity test in series of standards.

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