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What is the difference between 2D and 2.5D vision measuring

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2D vison measuring machine:

     1. 2D vison measuring machine (also known as vision-type plotter) is based on the CCD digital imagery, and is based on the powerful software capabilities of space geometry calculation and computer screen measurement technology. After the computer is installed with dedicated control and graphic measurement software, it becomes the measuring brain with the software's soul and is the core of the entire device.

    2. 2Ddimension measuring machine  use their own hardware (CCD, eyepieces, and objective data lines) to transmit the captured images to the computer's data acquisition card via the data cable, and then the software images the image on the computer monitor. The operator uses the mouse to make quick measurements on the computer. The above process is basically completed in tens of thousands of seconds, so it can be regarded as real-time detection equipment, or narrowly called dynamic measurement equipment. If the configuration requirements are reasonable, the device will not produce slow image lag. The size of the workpiece negotiated, the table can choose different path travel. The brightness of the light source can be adjusted to select the most suitable light source brightness under various lighting conditions.


 Sanwood,there are two kinds of 2.5D vision measuring instrument:

       1.  On the basis of 2D dimension  add (optical) altimetry function . When the measurement accuracy is better than the surface roughness, it can reach within 0.02.

       2. Based on the original 2D vision measuring instrument , an accurate measuring probe is added to measure the height (depth) and some single 3D functions such as cylinders, cones, spheres, etc. The measurement accuracy can generally be within 0.01, but the size of the probe diameter directly defines the size of the aperture when measuring the depth, generally the smallest can only reach the diameter of 3mm, the depth of the hole can only be generally within 20mm, here also consider To individual small workpieces and easily deformable parts cannot be measured by contact measurement.

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