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Why the frost has to be removed before use the Thermal shock chamber?

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First of all,let us see  what is the frost of the Thermal shock machine and where does it grow . Frost is the result of the rapid cooling of water in the air after the cold.

Frost is a little ice crystal. When the frost is thick, it is easy to turn into thick ice .

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The frost in the thermal shock chamber grows in the storage module of the precooling zone. Why does the frost has to be removed always?

We know that the thermal shock chamber exchange the heat by airflow transition between three boxes to achieve the impact effect.


The three boxes are insulated from the air outside the box. In other words, the three boxes are closed relative to the outside world. Since it is confined space, the water content is quantitative,theoretically,there should not have frost in The precooling zone. But Where does the water from?

Only test zone can be opened by customer, product placement. To introduce water, It's only possible after the test area opens.
So one of the sources of water is from everytime of the door opening.

When We do a full impact test,the door is not allowed to open halfway. Otherwise the test will fail.
Now do you understand why the frost has to be removed before use the Thermal shock machine, hope that will be helpful.

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