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Why the high and low temperature chamber frost/freezing ?

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Regarding the frost/freezing problem of the compressor shell of the high and low temperature chamber, it is actually not a technical problem. The main point is maintenance. Quality is one aspect, but maintenance plays a decisive role to its longlife. Therefore, we must do daily maintenance work.


Sanwood gain certain experience from dosen of year on research, development, production and sales climatic chambers.Here we summarize some of the causes of frost in test chamber.

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1. After opening/using the process pipeline, it is not sealed or repaired in time. Long-term storage of frost and frequent start-ups will bring moisture in the air into the machine from outside the nozzle. In addition, there are unsealed compressors that have been placed for a long time and used without drying treatment, which will also cause freezing.


2. After the refrigeration evaporator is damaged, it will be turned on for a long time and the water molecules in the cold chamber will be brought into the compressor together with the water vapor in the air (when the generator is turned on, negative pressure is generated in the generator, and atmospheric pressure will be in the humid air. Of water molecules brought into the machine), it will also cause freezingor frost.


high & low temperature chamber frost-3

3.  If the evaporator is poorly ventilated and the cold is not taken away, the evaporator will be frosted or frozen, which will result in too low low pressure and frost on the compressor shell.

4. Under normal working conditions of the high and low temperature chamber, the compressor sucks back refrigerant vapor instead of liquid. If the refrigerant in the refrigeration system is too much and the amount of refrigerant oil charged is too large or the expansion valve adjustment flow is too large, the refrigerant is not completely evaporated in the evaporator, causing the refrigerant to be sucked back by the compressor in the form of wet vapor or liquid. Note will cause icing or frost.


high & low temperature chamber frost-

5. There is also a relatively rare situation, when it runs to -70℃, frost appears in the high and low temperature chamber. Why? The laboratory where the high and low temperature chamber is placed has ventilation duct/ventilation system. When the box is directly operated at a low temperature of -70 ℃, the pressure of the chamber is lower than that of the laboratory, which causes the wind of the laboratory ventilation system/ventilation duct to be sucked back into the test chamber.A large amount of wind will turn into frost inside the box, which is one of the reasons for the frost in a test chamber, for reference to all customers and friends.


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