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precision air drying box 9006


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  • 二.SM-BPG-9056A、SM-BPG-9106A、SM-BPG-9156A

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Product Description

                                 Precision air drying box 9006 (drying box series)

1. Product Name: precision air drying box 9006 

2. Product model:SM-BPG-9056A、SM-BPG-9106A、SM-BPG-9156A

3. Product Features :

  humanization design

(1) Large screen LCD display, multi set of data in a screen display and the menu type operation interface which is simple and easy to understand and easy to observe and operate

       (2)  It adopts mirror stainless steel inner container, four corners and half arc transition. The shelf support can be freely loaded and unloaded, so that it can be easily cleaned by the workshop.

Multi segment programmable controller

(1) Multi segment LCD programmable controller, multi parameters in one screen display, the menu type operation interface, can simplify the complex test process, and realize automatic control and operation

(2)Multi section temperature, circulation velocity, parameters of time and heating rate can be set at the same time and programming, can control the upward temperature gradient, from the initial temperature of slow heating box, can be preset automatically boot, standby and shutdown.

 (3) Can be preset 7 groups of 63 steps programmable, each group of 9 steps, each set time of 1~9999 minutes.

 Self diagnostic function

 (1) When the drying box fails, the LCD will have fault information, and the operation fault point is clear

 Convenient data processing (optional)

(1) It can be connected to the printer, 485 communication interface or USB data transfer interface (U) with computer and printer to record the temperature and time curve. it can provide a strong guarantee for the test in the process of data storage and playback.

Safety function

 (1)  The thickening design of the box wall and door ensures that the outer surface temperature of the box  is lower,  and the it is safe to use for user.

(2) Independent temperature alarm system, and sound and light alarm, prompting operators to ensure safe operation without accidents

(3) High or low temperature and over temperature alarm

Quality energy-saving design

(1) Comprehensive safety performance designed to prevent high energy consumption

(2) The sealing strip of the box adopts a new type of synthetic silicon sealing strip, which effectively prevents heat loss and prolongs the service life of the heating element. Compared with the traditional equipment, the thermal power is reduced by more than 25%


4. Product applications :
Drying box for industrial enterprises, universities, scientific research units, medical and laboratory items such as drying, baking, wax melting and sterilization.

5. Technical parameter


TemperatureTemperature rangeRT℃~300 A:25℃~200;B25℃~300℃;)
Temperature fluctuation±0.5
Heating rate25.0℃~100.0 within 8 mins  6.010.0/min
Temperature uniformity±2.0 (25.0℃~100.0
±2.5 (100.1℃~200.0)
MaterialInternal materialAdopts 1.2mm thickness stainess steel(SUS304)
External materialAdopts 1.2mm thickness Cold rolled steel sheet / powder spraying
 Heat insulating material100mm thickness mineral wool
FanCentrifugal blower
HeaterNickel chromium alloy heating wire 
SizeInner size(mm)
Outer size(mm)
Power supply380V AC  50/60Hz  380V AC  50/60Hz  380V AC  50/60Hz  380V AC  50/60Hz  380V AC  50/60Hz  380V AC  50/60Hz  
ControllerStandard: Sou th Korea TEMI -1500    Optional: South Korea TEMI - 2500,South Korea TEMI - 2700


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