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Sand and Dust Test Chamber


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Sanwood , a 23 years of professional Sand and Dust Test Chamber,Sand&Dust Test Chamber, Dust Test Chamber,Sand and Dust Chamber,Sand and Dust Chamber manufacturers
Sand and Dust Ingress Testing Machineis designed according to GB4706, GB2423, GB7000.1, IEC60529,ect standards and meet the IPX5 and IPX6 dust test requirements.
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Product Description

Sand and Dust Test Chamber use:
Sand and Dust test chamber is suitable for all kinds of auto parts to do dust and dust test,Test parts include a light.Meter.Electric dust jacket.Steering system.Door lock, etc.

Sand and Dust Test Chamber Meet the standard:  
Sand and dust Chamber has a wide range of temperature and humidity control, which can meet the national standard GB4208GB/T2423.37-198
《Basic environmental testing procedures for electric and electronic products》

Sand and Dust Test Chamber Test principle:
Dust Test Chamber door attached to the window, the door to the lower part of the electrical control area,Simulated sand dust of talc in the lower hopper of the test chamber. Use the of circulating fan and automatic jar will be blown into the upper network studio talcum powder through a 75 micron square hole,The test space form high density dust shape, test specimen.

Sand and Dust Test Chamber Structure:
1.  Dust Chamber LCD Touch Screen Programmable Sand and Dust Ingress Testing MachineInner material: Stainless steel (SUS #304)
2.  Sand and Dust Chamber LCD Touch Screen Programmable Dust Proof Test Equipment Outer material:  Powder painting steel plate
3.  Dust Test Equipment use imported touch screen programmable controller, can control dust blowing motor, dust
vibration and test time.
4.  With sealing good chamber door, has lock device and glass observation window.There is lamp and dust brush to
ensure easy observation of inner chamber.
5.  With strong dust blowing device and vibrator to ensure informity of each blowing.
6.  Circulating air supplying device: Frequency converter and high pressure motor to ensure the air volume more
7.  Large diameter strong stainless steel air hose, covered with heating device, can heat and dry the test chamber dust.
8.  Anti-explosion handle, easy operation, strurdy and durable.
9.  Imported high-precision electronic temperature humidity sensor and air speed sensor.
10.  Test sample differential pressure test device, can set pumping rate freely according to sample inquiry.
11.  There is a ψ50mm test hole on the left chamber and equipped with port lid and silica gel chock plug. Through this
hole can connect to outer test device.
12.  There are casters with brake equipments and fixing foot pad to make the machine easy operation and level adjustment.
13.  With voltage current indicator, equipped with corresponding sample DC12V power, DC24V / 20 a, interval, continuous power supply adjustable. Dust concentration wind speed regulating function. May control test total time, blow the dust of time interval and blowing dust cycle and sample with the power source of the intermittent time.
14.  Vacuum system: Equipped with pressure meter, air filtration, dust dehumidification system, regulating triple pieces,connecting pipe (Vacuum pump should be prepare by customer)

Sand and Dust Test Chamber Specification:

Volume (L)5001000
Internal size (W*H*D), MM800х800х8001000х1000х1000
Dust concentration 2 to 10 ± 0,5 г/м3 2 to 10 ± 0,5 г/м3
Wind speed 0,5 to 15 м/с 0,5 to 15 м/с
Temperature rangeRT to +65 °СRT to +65 °С
External size (W*H*D), MM3600x2100x8005000x2500x1600

Please consult the sales for specific technical parameters, SANWOOD reserves the right of explanation.

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