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Why choose SANWOOD's climatic chambers?

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                                                           Why choose SANWOOD's climatic chambers?

SANWOOD company have more than 20 years experience in manufacturing climatic test chamber, all of our product have passed CE and ISO certification and been exported to more than 26 countries. Our customer include Apple Inc, they  choose our chamber to test iphone, and BMW choose our chamber to test the car battery, we also cooperate with Volkswagen for a long time. The reason they choose us as below:


With 20 years experience in manufacturing and cooperating with Tsinghua University and  Tianjin University, we got professional  R&D team. We can manufacture the chamber based on your requirement.

Production workshop


Our latest design  climatic chamber can be controlled by mobile phone  just through App no matter where  you are .Real-time monitoring of the progress of the test, your phone will get the notification at the first time if any emergency occurs.

Capacity :
One  production climatic chamber base of our factory locates in Dongguan, Gangdong, with an area of 12,000 square meter. Other 2 0000 square meter factory in Jiangxi is under built , may take into use next year. Beside, we have branch office in HongKong,Taiwan,Suzhou,Hunan,Fushan,Wuhan,Chongqing etc over the China.

 Thank you very much for your interest.For further information regarding SANWOOD,please download the brochure  :

Company introduction.pdf

The product catalogue of Sanwood Environmental Chambers.PDF

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