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Applicable industries:Aerospace, marine, automotive and other electronic products for testing environmental adaptability, reliability evaluation and product design defects in the early detection and process defects screening,etc. Introduction: Sanwood Temperature/humidity/vibration Combined Test Cha



[News] Thermal Shock Test Chamber of SANWOOD
Product features: 1. Thermal shock test chamber is divided into high temperature area, low temperature area and test area, adjust unique thermal insulation structure and thermal storage effect and applied hot and cold wind switch method to the test products, in this way, to do the high low temperatu



[News] Rapid Temperature Change Chamber of SANWOOD
Rapid temperature change test chamber features:1. Intelligent control system, automatically start the large compressor working when fast cooling, high temperature insulation and heating process with a small compressor balance temperature to do linear control, to achieve energy efficiency.2. Energy s



[News] Ozone Aging Chamber of SANWOOD
Applications:Ozone aging chamber for testing rubber and rubber products (to meet) the relevant standards: JIS K 6259 ASTM1149 ISO1431 GB / T7762 GB / T13642, etc. mainly antioxidant test used chamber. Performance:Inner chamber size(mm): 500(W)*600(H)*500(D)Outer chamber size(mm):1150(W)*1500(H)*75



[News] Vibration Test Systems of SANWOOD
Frequency range(Hz): 2~2500, 2~3000, 2~4000 Max exciting force( kgf): 300~5000 Product applications:SM-VT series electromagnetic vibration testing machine is used to simulate vibration environment under the experimental conditions, to test the impact strength and reliability in a variety of vibratio



[News] Rain Test Chamber of SANWOOD
Equipment summary:Rain test chamber is used to waterproof performance test for products, such as steam locomotive lamps, wiper performance, waterproof bands, motorcycle instruments, defense industry, navigation systems, missiles, radar cone top, aerospace industry, IEC IP code specifications that ne



[News] SANWOOD Ships a Batch of Drying Ovens
SANWOOD Ships a Batch of Drying Ovens



[News] Dust Test Chamber of SANWOOD
Dust Test Chamber



Product applications:Walk-in high low temperature test chamber suitable for larger size or a larger number of whole products, components, materials for high temperature, low temperature, high low temperature cycle test, and the constant heat test and hot damp test. It’s mainly used to simulate prod



[News] Moscow Testing and Control Fair - 225L Temperature and Humidity Chamber
Moscow Testing and Control FairOn 24-26 October, the end of last month, our company participated Testing and Control Fair in Moscow.Our EXPO in Mexico successfully finished. Here , I'd like share some photo with you.Following is our standard 225L climatic Chamber . Lots of customer intere
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